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We believe that culture is the result of behaviours. Specifically, it's the "effect on others of the behaviours of everyone". Our platform measures how your employee’s behaviours align to your desired organisational culture. The result is Culture Alignment - a culture KPI that you can measure, track and improve.

The behaviours displayed by your employees tells you a lot. They influence how others behave and act. This has a direct effect on the culture that is building organically in your organisation every single day. We help you to reflect on the behaviours you see around you and whether they are truly aligned to those you’d like to see.

We don’t look at your employee engagement, employee satisfaction or any other measure of employee feeling or sentiment. We measure what creates those feelings and sentiments by going straight to the root cause – employee and leadership behaviours.

Culture Alignment has a number and CultureBlox measures it.

Cultureblox Platform

Our purpose-built, online platform is designed with outcomes in mind. We help you track Culture Alignment across your employee, manager and leadership communities, and then give you the insight you need to build the culture you want, viewed from individual employees to the whole organisation.

Through the power of building their online, personal feedback network, your employees get feedback how regularly they demonstrate your desired organisational behaviours. When we aggregate this data, our platform creates a real-time measure of Culture Alignment across the organisation that you can interrogate to see where you need to focus to build your desired culture. Make and track progress as your action plan builds towards your ideal culture.

Culture shift based on evidence, not feeling.


Supporting you to success

Change can be hard, so we have a team of experienced business specialists to help you as you define and continue to build your ideal culture. Whether it is working with you to define vision, strategy and values, design a new behaviour framework, support your implementation of our CultureBlox platform, or to design behaviour based L&D interventions, we have the experience and know-how to help.

We recognise that every business is different and that each successful culture should be too, so we won’t be trying to tell you what is best. What we will do is support you to identify your own ideal culture and help you to build it, block by block, with our change management methodology and our behaviour based training and coaching.

Shaping your cultural story, your way.

CultureBlox Difference

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