Building a Conscious Culture in a remote business - An Introduction


Building a Conscious Culture in a remote business - An Introduction

This article introduces our thinking on what you can do to maintain and even positively build your ideal culture whilst your business is working remotely, and over a series of five further articles we will build on this introduction with key actions you can take in the coming weeks to do just that.


If your culture is what your people do when nobody is watching, then never has your culture been more tested than it is being at the moment as many of us work remotely from our teams and colleagues.  However, just because you aren’t in the same physical space, it doesn’t mean that your culture is ‘on hold’ and it will be just as you left it when we return back to normal.  Culture is just like our physical fitness - what you spend months and years building up will be lost in a matter of weeks if you don’t find ways to nourish it during our enforced change of working patterns. 


Even in ‘normal times’, every organisation and business has a culture, but the successful ones build a conscious culture that they know will be a competitive advantage in their marketplace, will motivate and engage employees and will be felt positively by customers.  Crucial to this is defining the behaviours that bring that culture and your values to life for all leaders and employees, as the reality is that an organisation’s culture isn’t words on walls, it is actually the aggregate of all the behaviours that leaders and employees display, day in and day out. 


Whilst we are certainly not now in ‘normal times’, yourself, all of the leaders and employees in your business or team will still be displaying behaviours that impact your business, colleagues and customers as they work from home, and just as in your usual workplace, some will behaviours will impact positively and some will impact those people negatively.

So critically for the coming weeks will be thinking about the behaviours that you personally need to display, that wider leadership needs to display, and that all employees need to display in order to maintain and build your culture vision for your organisation.  The behaviours everyone needs to display to engage, motivate and support each other through these unprecedented times for you and for businesses across the world, as well as to ensure that your business comes through this stronger rather than weaker.


Spend some time considering which behaviours could be right for your business in your current situation. Discuss your ideas with others. Write them down, test them, rewrite them – but begin the process of making your culture conscious and of building a powerful driving force for good in your business in this unusual situation. If you’ve previous established behaviours, consider how they can be adapted or maybe need to change to support your teams currently, and if you’ve not previously considered defining behaviours now is a great time to think about those that will resonate not only now but for the future.  If you've established values, going beyond those into behaviours is guaranteed to create a step change in embedding your culture deeply and sustainably.


Our next article will build upon your thinking and go deeper into the process you can follow to define your conscious culture and those key behaviours for this period and for an ongoing successful future.  Please follow us on our CultureBlox company page to ensure you don’t miss any of this series of articles.


If you want to discuss any of your thinking, any aspect of this article or any topic with regards to culture, leadership and your people, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our founder Simon Murphy at


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